Women's Sustainable & Ethical Clothing - GUESS Eco Collection

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Women's Sustainable & Ethical Clothing - GUESS Eco Collection

Smart GUESS Eco collection

The GUESS collection, Smart GUESS Eco, provides environmentally conscious and sustainable clothing for women. The Smart GUESS materials ensure products are made from recycled materials, less water is required for production and fabrics are sustainably sourced for a range of denim, tee shirts, fashion tops and more for women.

GUESS organic cotton clothing for women is safe and pesticide free. Recycled women’s clothing is produced with industry cotton off cuts and plastic bottles, reducing waste, preserving natural resources, and lowering carbon emissions. Responsibly sourced materials are used to produce sustainable women’s clothes. Renewable wood sources are from sustainable forests and protected ecosystems, resulting in reduced emissions and chemicals. Smart GUESS Denim offers at least 20% certified sustainable materials and saves a minimum of 30% water per clothing item. They are produced in ways that ensure a reduction of environmental impacts.

Shop the GUESS women’s apparel collection now that makes eco women’s clothing accessible and stylish with women’s sustainable pants, tops, dresses and more available.