Women's Perfume & Fragrances

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Women's Perfume & Fragrances

Browse the Range of GUESS Perfume for Women

The GUESS fragrance and perfume range holds a subtle combination of charming floral notes, designed to evoke a sense of confidence and elegance. If you’re looking for a fragrance that instils sensuality and femininity, our perfume’s can bring in a sense of refinement that can be worn all throughout the day.

No matter the occasion, understanding your own individual scent is imperative. By learning each specific note, including top, heart and base notes, you will soon be able to choose a fragrance that aligns to your own style. Whether a fruitier scent appeals to you over a warmer essence, you can swap and change your fragrance until perfected. Each guess girl's perfume item can come in box sets or on their own, an ideal gift idea that adds a personal touch.

For those looking for sexy and timeless qualities within a fragrance, our Seductive Noir range presents sage and peony notes, touched with jasmine and muguet, for a softer feel. Whilst our Bella Vita Eua De Parfum is designed for a shot of adrenalin, speaking to those who prefer a more hypnotic essence.

Browse our range of Guess perfume for women, timeless fragrances that can be worn every day.